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PSI Brand Guidelines EN 2021-1.png

We are open to all ideas, majorly related to tech and a few of them could be the following (This is not the exhaustive list, and we look forward to more ideas/interventions:

  • Short animations/videos that can have characters who tackle birth spacing stigma that may include digital comics

  • Interactive virtual support network to de-stigmatize conversations around birth spacing by educating couples

  • Youtube series where a couple discusses family planning/birth spacing.

  • A mobile app linking individuals to family planning/birth spacing information and resources.

  • Content driven campaign that educates young people about family planning/birth spacing.

  • Social media campaign discussing and educating people on the importance of family planning/birth spacing.

  • Podcast series with a social media influencer highlighting the need for family planning/birth spacing through conversations with guests.

  • An application that assesses the level of understanding young people have about SRH through quizzes and educates them.

  • A training program for schoolteachers to develop their abilities as SRH educators.

  • A roadshow/program that partners with educational institutions around the country that collects data on SRH education and guides those who have little to no education on the topic.

  • Series of web ads that stresses the importance of SRH.

  • An online community for women to discuss their challenges

    with careers, relationships, and family.

  • An application that provides location and details of hospitals

    and pharmacies.

  • A portal that connects women to educational and

    employment opportunities with institutions and

    organizations that practice equal opportunities.

  • A lifetime task manage application that tracks personal and

    professional goals for women and crowdsources possible solutions to their hurdles.

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